Essential Strategies for Leading in Community Settings

3 CE Credits - $60

Instructor: Liza Auciello, PsyD

Course Description

In community mental health agencies, quality client care begins with great leadership and effective management of clinical programs and providers. Many mental health professionals who work in community organizations advance to such roles. While they have a great deal of experience and training to provide clinical services, they are often missing proficiency in managing people and programs to provide these much needed services.

This webinar focuses on three essential foundational strategies for managing clinical programs effectively: 1) Using effective communication to develop productive work relationships, 2) Developing emotional agility as a means to create a supportive and positive work environment, and 3) Building a body and mind that enables balanced leadership, even in the face of challenges. Mindfulness is a key component that runs across all strategies. A review of the literature on mindfulness, effective communication, emotional agility and self-care shows the relevance of these areas to leaders of direct psychological services.

Through didactic components, discussion and examples from both large and small community agencies, participants will learn practices that contribute to healthy and productive clinical program management that is supportive, improves staff retention, and contributes to consistent, quality care for clients.

This webinar is designed to prepare clinicians for leadership roles in community mental health or different clinic settings, where their main responsibilities involve training, support and retention of clinical staff as well as providing high quality services to clients. Skills learned can be immediately integrated into the work environment and can be used as a foundation for more advanced learning.

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Educational Objectives

  1. Describe three ways a mindful leader contributes to quality therapeutic programs in the community setting.
  2. Explain three benefits to clients of implementing mindfulness, communication, emotional agility or self-care leadership strategies.
  3. Create five effective behaviors for leading people in the clinical setting and describe how they would impact client care.


First Half:

  • Leadership in Mental Health Clinics, Mindfulness
  • 15-Minute Break

Second Half:

  • Strategies for Leading Effectively

Developed by: Liza Auciello, PsyD

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