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Expanding Your Professional Career

Being a part of the mental health field has many great rewards. While making a positive impact, we are often exposed to a great deal of suffering that will naturally affect our body, mind and spirit.


To enable you to sustain the great work you do, while maintaining your connection with joy, Elevate You CE offers professional development packages with coaching and consultation from our instructors. Our packages are customized to meet your needs and some sessions may qualify for continuing education credits.

Elevate You CE specializes in four areas.

CE Requirements

Clinician Longevity and Wellbeing

Engage in resilience practices to increase joy and manage the impact of trauma exposure and suffering.

Holistic Client Care

Provide comprehensive healing that centers on the body, mind and spirit.

Forensic Psychology

Apply clinical psychology and research to the forensic setting and with people who come in contact with the law.

Trauma-Informed Care

Use research and interventions that support post-traumatic growth and healing.

Elevate CE instructors are leading experts.
Elevate CE offers courses in two formats, live webinars and recorded webinars..